The Whole Experience

and what to expect.


The Consulation

We’ll meet at my studio on the scheduled date.

  •  Here we will to discuss your expectations,

  • Give you a tour of the space.

  • Answer any questions you may have.

  • Go over package options.

  • We’ll talk about what clothing you should bring for your shoot and show you our selection of gowns, lingerie, shoes, jewelry and props that you can borrow for your session.

  • Get to know each other better.

  • We will book your date. (non-refundable retainer fee is required to set your date.

  • You will be sent home with a prep guide, more FAQ, and an online posing guide.

  • Optional: We will set up a Pinterest account to share ideas you may have.


When you arrive at the studio, you are welcome to park directly in front of the entrance doors and come right in!


Your professional makeup artist/stylist will be there ready to make you beautiful.


There will be Wine, Drinks, and Healthy snack food while you get ready and during your session. Its really important you have something in your stomach for energy and to stay hydrated.


After hair and makeup, you’re invited to get comfortable and unpack in the dressing room.


We will start looking at your options you brought. I'll take a look at the photos you've collected on Pinterest, so I can get a an idea of what you were looking to get.

Next we'll finalize each of the 2 to 3 outfit changes by combining any items you want to borrow from our wardrobe collection with any items you brought along. 


It's Picture TIME!

I will give you a online posing guice for you to take home before you session. So make sure to pratice in the mirror before this day.


The only difference the day of the session is, I will be there to further guide you! I will be there to guide you how to move, stand, sit, lay, and what to do with your face! NO NEED TO WORRY I GOT YOU!


Everyone leaves saying that it was so much easier than they thought it would be!

We have speaker at the studio to play your favorite music to get you in your "Empowerment" mood.


Your session will be about 2 to 3 hours. So make sure to clear your morning and some of your noon.


Be prepared to tighten your stomach, arch your back, and just have fun!


I promise that you will love the experience just as much as the photos!

After the photo session, We will talk about when is the best time for a photo reveal. Photos take 1 to 2 weeks to be fully edited and ready for you reveal.

The Reveal

When you return your images will be edited/retouched and ready to view!

Complimentary Wine or favorite nonalcoholic beverage will be available to you upon arrival.   


 You'll see a slideshow of all your photos, then together we’ll pick your favorites through a process of elimination, To pick which ones will go in your Luxi Box and USB (If you choose to)


This is actually the hardest part of the entire day because you are going to love them ALL!

Most people usually upgrade or choose add ons to their packages. 

The products you order will undergo additional retouching, design work, and then move to printing and production. You can anticipate a beautiful package to arrive 3-4 weeks after your reveal.

You will have the choice to get it shipped to you or pick up at the studio.


Let's book your Consultation today!