About Me:

My Name is Lily Flores out of Andrews Texas.

I service surrounding areas of Odessa and Midland Texas


I'm odd, clumsy, goofy, I'm that girl that always thought, I could never be sexy or girly.. Till finally it took a very talented photographer to prove me wrong twice! I work full time, a wife,  I am a mother of 4 beautiful children, Trust me, I get you! I at one point lost the site of my path. 

I have defiantly found it in my work. I whole heartily believe, It's my soul path to be a creator and to help others find themselves again. To help find their inner confidence to be the person they deserve to be! I honestly dedicate my life that.


I am a Luxury Portrait artist. 

I offer a new age "Glamour" photography genre.

Fine Art Classic introduced to Glamour and Boudoir.

Along with Beautiful Mommy and Me, Bestie and I and Portraits for couples. I here to create beautiful wall art you will love!

I am also a


Creative Photographer.

I was a painter before I discovered my love for photography. I've combined my painting love with my camera and I offer to create the dream art you have always wanted. Either you photographed and created in your  artwork or a request to create something with a model.

I am so excited to be working with you and to have you in my studio to capture memories that will last a life time!

Here is what to expect after you book

your complimentary in person consultation

Or just day screw it and Feel free to reach out to me on  more information on your next Luxury or Creative Session!